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simple skincare quiz

A number of you guys have asked me about Simple Skincare [1] products for specific skin concerns, and while I’d love to be able to answer this with any expertise, I basically only know what works on me!  I was lucky enough to try the whole line, but in case you want to pick out a few products to start with that are targeted to your skin specifically, I very much recommend their skincare quiz [2] to figure out which of their facial skincare products work for you!

I took the quiz myself to figure out places in my everyday life that could use a little improvement, and really appreciated the answers!  There are a number of things I do right (staying out of the sun, drinking 8+ glasses of water per day, and being pretty good about eating lots of healthy fats and veggies), but there are also a lot of places I could use some improvement.  Indoor A/C and heating systems?  Always on, and can majorly dry out your skin.  Stress?  A huge sensitive skin trigger, and one that I can’t seem to avoid.  Caffeine is another of my major weaknesses (remember when I gave it up [3]?  Um, that lasted… a week), so there’s plenty to improve on!  But until you can cut them all out, you can at least choose sensitive skincare products to minimize the damage!