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Skincare Tweaks!


I wanted to let you guys know about an awesome new feature on the Simple Skincare website — Simple Sense [1], an outlet that gives you personalized recommendations for healthier skin! I just took it this weekend and was really impressed — their recommendations weren’t just generic “Hey, buy our products!” and they gave me some easy lifestyle tips that I plan to incorporate into my skincare routine!

One of my favorites: did you guys know that wearing makeup prevents your skin from absorbing as much oxygen? That’s one of the (many) reasons that it’s so important to take off all your makeup before you go to bed — to give your skin a break and allow it to soak up oxygen while you’re sleeping. I’m occasionally guilty of falling asleep with my makeup on (rarely, but… it happens) so this was an extra reminder for me to at least use a Simple Skincare facial wipe before going to bed!

Watch the video for some more about my results (and the places where I could use some improvement), and definitely go take Simple Sense [1] and see what it says for you!