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strawberry pistachio flatbread

As Chad and I get settled into our new place, we’ve been eating out a lot and cooking very little (I did manage a PBJ yesterday, but that’s about as far as I’ve gone).  It doesn’t help that all my kitchen equipment is somewhere on an eighteen-wheeler between New York and Texas (sigh), and I can’t wait to get everything into one place so that I can put our lovely new kitchen to work.

But this recipe is actually from back when we were in NYC, during the weekend I went a little crazy with flatbreads!  I love nothing more than strawberries and blue cheese, and the pistachios made such a delicious, crunchy addition to this recipe. 

As many dessert recipes as their are on this site, I almost always go for cheese and bread instead of dessert when I’m out for dinner.  This sweet flatbread is actually a little bit of both — you get some light sweetness with the strawberries, but it will still satisfy your cheese craving.  And it would make a great finger food to serve with a glass of wine or champagne if you want to have friends over!