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style: Emmy Awards

What.  A.  Night.

I’ve actually had trouble writing up this post, because this was seriously one of the craziest nights of my life — it was pretty incredible to have all of the stars of my favorite television shows in one room!  As a little taste, I made this video to take you guys along while I was getting ready and at the awards:

It’s a little bit of a hodge-podge because I was sometimes too distracted by the show to remember to pull out my video camera — and once we got to the afterparty, the video camera was basically the last thing I was thinking about.  It was replaced with ohmygod there’s Tina Fey or ohmygod there’s Elizabeth Moss or OHMYGOD THE SMOKE MONSTER.

Yeah, see, there was a lot on my mind, okay?

Also, Ricky Gervais was particularly hilarious, because at some point about two and a half hours into the awards, I was getting hungry and Chad wanted a beer — but no.  Neither one.  No food, no booze.  No wonder people get cranky when the show goes over three hours!

I was tweeting photos [3] throughout the night, but I’m not sure they capture how amazing it was to tell Michael C. Hall, face to face, that I’d bought Showtime just so I could watch the most recent season of Dexter.  What a night!

The best part, though, came when we were standing in the limo line leaving the afterparty.  Our limo came before Terry O’Quinn’s (John Locke/the Smoke Monster from Lost), and my sweet and thoughtful father-in-law offered him a ride!  He declined (which is good, because it might have been an awkward car ride, with us trying to grill him about the Others and the four-toed statute and all sorts of unanswered Lost mysteries that he’s probably sick of hearing about by now).

But ZOMG.  That’s the type of night it was.  A night where it wouldn’t feel totally bizarre to ask the Smoke Monster if he needed a ride home.

The whole night, I’d turn around and there was Ed O’Neill or Jane Lynch — people who I feel like I already know because I spend hours with them every week (probably too many hours, but let’s not nitpick, okay?).  As much as I love movies, going to the Emmys was probably more exciting for me than going to the Oscars* — these are the shows that make me laugh or cry, week after week, and it was just so amazing to be able to say to their faces how much of a huge, starstruck fan I am.

* (Although, eek, if someone out there wants to invite me to the Oscars, I’d be down, okay?  Let’s just make that clear.)

I’ve created a full album of my photos on the Sugarlaws Facebook page [4], but I’ve also included some highlights below!  But seriously — it’s raised a very important question.  If this is what Chad decided on for our first year anniversary, how on earth will he raise the bar next year?

Max Azria dress, Jimmy Choo clutch, BCBG bracelet, gifted pumps from T.J. Maxx.

The stage during the intro

Me with Ed O’Neill of Modern Family

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer of True Blood

Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter of Dexter

Me with Jane Krakowski of 30 Rock

Me with Joel McHale of Community and The Soup

Pre-Show Red Carpet

Me with my adorable husband

Me with Elizabeth Moss of Mad Men

Me with Judah Friedlander of 30 Rock

George Clooney accepting his award

Me and my mother in law with Terry O’Quinn of Lost

Me with Eric Stonestreet of Modern Family