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style: kid at heart

There are a couple of things I wanted when I was a little girl.

Roughly in order of priority, I wanted it to be Halloween every week.  I wanted a boyfriend like Jordan Catalano.  A prom dress like the girl in the Milk commercials (does anyone else remember this [1]?!)  Minature plastic doll accessories from the American Girl catalogue that cost $1 zillion dollars… my poor parents.

In addition to that list, I really, really used to want to dye my hair a crazy color.  I wanted blue hair, pink hair, rainbow hair.  Basically, I wanted to be this guy [2].

So when I passed through a store that sold clip on Manic Panic hair extensions, needless to say, I was pretty excited.  Unfortunately, I think people would freak if I were to dye my whole head pink nowadays, so I bought this little blue clip for the days that I want to feel a little closer to my inner rainbow-haired self.  Now I just need to head back to the store to buy every other color they have…. and that crazy fuscia prom dress.

Last but not least, I had to figure out what clothes would be sufficiently awesome to match a streak of blue hair.  Something a little bit playful, I figured.  Nothing too elaborate or crazy, just basic pieces that work with just about anything, like this stunning studded bag from Charlie My Love [3] (among other awesome goodies coming up over the next few weeks!), the simple tunic from Bird by Juicy Couture, and this fun fedora from Nobis.  Perfect for the inner blue-haired girl (and the regular-haired girls) in everyone.

Bird by Juicy Couture dress, gifted Mini Studded Cheyenne Bag [4], Rachel Roy sandals, Alexis Bittar bracelet [5], gifted Nobis hat [6].

Photos by Kristen [7].