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NYFW: what i wore, busy bee

20120911-103533.jpg [1]

You guys, I am so sorry for the crazy posting schedule this week!  I made the slightly over-ambitious decision to bring just my iPad and not my laptop this NYFW, so while I’ve been taking a TON of photos over the last few days, I have no way to get them out into the world except through Instagram (@sugarlaws, if you’re not already following me there)!

But fortunately, awesome photographer Jorge Aguilera sent me a bunch of his shots of me so far, so I’ll have more to share with you guys soon! 

I can’t talk about this skirt without making a bumble bee reference, and part of what I love about it is that it reminds me of a Halloween costume I had when I was about six. 

But what’s fashion if not a big game of dress-up for grownups, right?

20120911-103515.jpg [2]

20120911-103604.jpg [3]

20120911-103237.jpg [4]