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thanksgiving favorites!

Can you believe that in four years of blogging, I’ve never posted a Thanksgiving turkey recipe?

Well, it’s true.  But over the past four holiday seasons, I’ve posted a lot of other delicious Thanksgiving recipes, so I thought that I’d highlight a few of them for you (you’re welcome).  This way they’ll be fresh on your mind when you’re grocery shopping next week!

Starting off, it’s not Thanksgiving without a plate of traditional stuffing [1] — we put dried apricots in ours, and they’re absolutely to die for.  I usually hate celery, but Thanksgiving stuffing is the one recipe where I love it!  And then on the side, take your pick of glazed carrots [2], roasted green beans with shallots and almonds [3], a root vegetable mix [4], or any [5] other [6] fall [7]themed [8] side [9] dish [10] (yes, my family once cooked farro [11] for Thanksgiving).

And for dessert — obviously, you guys are going to make my mom’s apple pie recipe [12]!  How could you resist?  But in case you want a wider variety, I have excellent holiday recipes for incredibly easy two-ingredient maple souffl├ęs [13], indulgent flourless chocolate cake [14], mini lemon tarts [15], and homemade petit fours [16] (these would actually be a fun–messy–one to do with kids)!

And if you really neeeed a turkey recipe, we used Martha Stewart’s t-shirt turkey recipe [17] last year, and it was absolutely terrific.