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tutorial: favorite braid

So besides how adorable Calvin is in the photo below, I really love this hairstyle!

This is basically my go-to for any day where I want my hair out of my face, but I don’t really want to spend a lot of time on it.  I actually wore it for a day of New York Fashion Week [1], in part because braids are basically the most stylish hairstyle you can actually create yourself at home!

I could try to describe how to do this braid, but the easiest way to do it yourself it just to watch the video!  And if you guys try this, make sure to send me pictures — I can’t wait to see them!

Also, I know this is silly, but today is 11/11/11!  Be sure to make a wish.  🙂 I know I’m silly and superstitious, but who could pass up a day like that as an opportunity?!  I wish for a zillion million dollars.  And world peace. 

(Just kidding — obviously, if I told you guys, it wouldn’t come true!  But world peace wouldn’t be SO bad…)