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tutorial: how to chalk your hair

It took me about a dozen celebrity photos of actresses who tried this hair chalking trend before I realized a key fact: It.  Isn’t.  Permanent.

It’s not even semi-permanent!  It washes out in one wash (sometimes a tiny bit lingers on really light hair till the second wash, but still).  The second I realized that, I had to try it!  (You can see the result in action here [1]!)

This is my first tutorial video in so long!  It took me forever to find a spot in our apartment to do them that had ok light, which is why I’m sort of weirdly camped out in the middle of our kitchen for this one.  (I promise I cleaned the counters very thoroughly when I was done!)

I bought my Soft Pastels at Texas Art Supply, but I’m sure you could find them at any art supply store (or on Amazon [2])!  Mine were about $4 each, which is pretty reasonable!  All you have to do is twist a lock of your hair, color it with chalk, curl or straighten it with a curling iron or flatiron, and comb it out with your fingers!  Done.

So fun!  (And if that wasn’t clear enough, watch the video!)

Or step by step photos here: