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baby bear: at five months

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October 17th, 2014 · Print Print


Baby Bear,

The strangest thing happened this month. 

No, life didn’t calm down.  You went straight from your four-month sleep regression into back-to-back colds, ear infections, and then a stomach bug.  In the last few weeks, you have been sick more days than you have been healthy. 

Which meant: less sleep, more tears, and lots of hand-wringing for mom.  When something is bothering you, nothing is more important to me than to fix it, any way I can.

But, you know what? 

Sometimes I can’t.

Sometimes you have to do it on your own.  Obviously, I’ll do anything I can to help — whether it’s rocking you to sleep, taking you to the doctor, or just making sure you’re comfortable. 

But fighting off that cold?  Or learning that new skill, the one that’s keeping you up at night because your little brain has almost mastered it?

Those things, you have to do on your own.

And no matter how much I want to help… there are times when I can’t.  And I need to remember that’s not the end of the world.


See, in the midst of this crazy month, I had a realization. 

For the last five months, I’ve been waiting for that moment in the future when things would get easier.  And each time something gets in the way, I get frustrated: “He’d be sleeping through the night if only he didn’t have a cold” or “he’d be happy during the day if only we hadn’t gone straight into teething.”

And you know what?  I’ve spent too much time waiting for that moment in the future when everything would be perfect.  When you’d be smiling and perfectly healthy and I’d have nothing to worry about.

When that happens, I figured, then I could just relax.

But you know what?

In being so focused on the future, I’ve been letting myself lose track of all the wonderful moments that I get to see every single day

Even when you’re sick.  Even when you’re up all night.

It makes me a little sad.  Especially in those frantic newborn days, now I see so clearly: I worried too much.  I was so scared of doing something wrong, of not knowing what I was doing, I made myself miserable trying to figure out how to do everything right.  I googled everything for hours instead of just trusting my instincts and doing my best. 

I didn’t spend enough time just taking in the moments, enjoying them.  They went by as quickly as everyone says, and I wish I’d cherished them just a little bit more. 

But, you know what?  You’re only five months old.  There’s a lot of time left to enjoy those little moments, even the not-perfect ones. 

And even with my nervousness, my first-time-mom jitters, and all the things that I’ve worried about: these last few months have been lovely.  They’ve been amazing.  Sure, we’ve had a day here and there with tears from you and me both, but we’ve also read stories, gone for walks, snuggled in bed, played with the dogs, and smiled and laughed. 

We’ve had a blast, you and me (and dad). 

Five months.  It went by in a flash.  And I know month six will be our best yet.

With all my love,

Your mom.


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Halloween Fairy: Beauty Tutorial!

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October 15th, 2014 · Print Print

Fairy Final



Halloween is the chance for you to be anything you want for a night, and is the perfect time to show off your glowing skin! While everyone will be putting on lots of makeup, you can stand out with a sparkly, more natural look.

With that in mind, I created this “Fairy Beauty” tutorial. I love dressing up for Halloween, and I’m always on the lookout for costumes that are festive, feminine and cute. This look is the perfect match for a radiant and fun look!

Step One: Prime your skin with Simple Skincare 24-Hour Moisturizer. Fairies need radiant skin, so this step is a must!

Step Two: Dust your cheeks with a pastel pink blush.  You want a shade that will compliment your natural skin tone, but not overwhelm it — the look should be about your beauty, not makeup!

Step Three: For the eyes, first swipe a purple eye shadow over your entire lids.  Then apply a shimmery shadow to the inner corners of your eyelids and finish with mascara.

Step Four:
Finish the entire look with a swipe of bright pink lip gloss. Reapply as needed through Halloween!

With this tutorial, you can look gorgeous, natural and ethereal for Halloween this year!  Have a blast!


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think pink

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October 13th, 2014 · Print Print


So, something kind of amazing happened when I took these photos.

In one last burst of Houston humidity, the air outside was literally wet. I’m used to this by now: I feel my hair starting to frizz, my skin starting to “glow” — it’s a familiar drill.

But this time, my camera lens got in on the action. And when I took a look at one of the photos, I found that they all looked like this:


Do you know what those remind me of?

Glamour Shots.

Kind of amazing, right?

Truthfully, my logical mind knows that Glamour Shots were totally absurd and ridiculous, but can I confess something?

I know I shouldn’t admit this…

But as a kid…

I wanted them.

Oh my gosh, I wanted them so badly.

And I know Glamour Shot were more than just the super-blur filter (there were also the props! and poses! and perms!) — but to me, that super-blurry filter was just the epitome of cool.

(Or something like that. Man, though. I wish I’d gotten some as a kid, just to look back on them now and laugh myself to tears.)

So these photos are my consolation prize. Frizzy hair, check. Blurry filter, check.

The outfit, on the other hand. Very current, very subdued, very chic (if I do say so myself).

And — best of all — it’s full of pieces that look expensive but aren’t. The dress is from Macy’s and under $100. Brahmin bags are decidedly affordable and insanely beautiful — I get compliments every time I wear one. The necklace? Forever 21. Boom.

And the bracelet, I have to say a special word about — it’s from a website called Soko, that connects women artisans in sub-Saharan Africa with a global market for their beautiful creations, using principles of fair trade and sustainable design. This bracelet was made in partnership with an organization called Sasa Designs by the Deaf, and each bracelet is made by a deaf woman in Kenya (you can read more about it on their blog here).

Projects like this are a great reminder that fashion and technology can change people’s lives and offer opportunities to support communities that we couldn’t otherwise reach. It’s a beautiful piece and I love how it looks — but more than that, it’s a reminder to be grateful, to give back when you can, and to think about the small ways that you can make a difference for others.

Macy’s dress, Brahmin Cecelia Shoulder bag, Soko bracelet, Forever 21 necklace, SHOEMINT heels.






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