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baby bear: one month old!

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June 13th, 2014 · Print Print


I know, I know: Baby Bear is closer to two months old than one month at this point!  It’s crazy how much time flies, and looking at this photo, he’s already grown up so much since the day that I took it!

I knew that I wanted to do monthly photos of him for the first year, and I also knew that the first month would be the absolute hardest time to take them — between his limited time awake (not counting crying time) and my adjustment to taking care of a new baby, finding the time to do a set of portraits seemed next to impossible.

But, we set aside one afternoon when he was bathed and fed and happy, and I snapped a few shots.  Truthfully, these are more for me than for the blog — I know that I’ll spend so much time looking back at these photos as he gets bigger, and I’m so happy to have these lovely mementos as our baby boy grows up. 

And now that I’m on the other side, the first month was trial by fire — there were so many nights and days that I had no idea what to do, so many times I worried that my instincts were wrong and second-guessed myself, googled everything extensively, and tormented myself the whole time about what I could do to be the best possible mom for him. 

Looking back, I wish I could tell myself to just relax, even in those early days when it was all so overwhelming. 

So I’ll do the next best thing: try to remember that advice going forward.  Here’s to a second month that’s a little bit easier than the first, and many, many more to come. 



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