bear’s favorite books: one year update

September 10th, 2015


When I wrote about Bear’s favorite books when he was six months old, I mostly focused on some classic books that I loved to read with him.  Our little guy loves curling up with a book in mama’s lap (and I love it too!) but at six months, I’m not sure it was really possible to distinguish between “his” favorite books and mine.

Fast forward eight or so months, though, and it’s a totally different story! He points at pictures and can pick out a specific book that he loves from a stack, and reading has become one of his favorite things to do. It’s less reading to him, now, and feels more like reading with him, which makes it even more special for both of us.

So I thought I’d write about a few more that we’ve enjoyed! We’re still primarily reading board books (the thick cardboard-stock pages that a baby can’t fold or rip), but we’ve just started introducing paper books in the last month or two. It’s still a challenge to make sure he’s gentle with them, and most of our copies have a tear or two already, but he’s learning!

This time around, I wanted to focus on a few more under-the-radar authors.  Here are some of Bear’s favorites!


Kadir Nelson: Chad picked up our copy of Baby Bear when he was on a work trip for very obvious reasons — how was he supposed to resist a book called Baby Bear? But when we read it for the first time, it was completely clear to me that he’d stumbled onto a treasure. The book is about a bear lost in the forest trying to find his way home, and the story is so beautiful that it’s more like reading an illustrated poem than a children’s book. And Bear loves it — when he was a baby, it was one of the first books that he had a “favorite page”! There’s a page where Baby Bear meets a salmon, and Bear would always grab the book and kiss the salmon! It was so adorable, and one of my favorite memories of reading to him so far.

Nelson’s second book, If You Plant A Seed, is maybe even better. It’s about a rabbit and a mouse that plant a garden, and what happens when they’re approached by some birds and have to decide whether to share. The illustrations are breathtaking, and I say that without a whisper of exaggeration. Bear calls this the “Grow! Grow! Grow!” book and it’s the first book he ever referred to by name. Of all the books in our nursery, this one is my personal favorite right now.

Giraffes Can’t Dance: Oh my gosh, you guys, this book is so cute. It’s about a giraffe who’s too self-conscious to participate in the Jungle Dance, and it’s darling. This book is exactly what’s great about books for kids — it has sweet characters, a lot of vocabulary words, fun illustrations that Bear can point to, and a sweet, meaningful message. We have the board book and have probably read it a hundred times.

Little Blue Truck: This is another really sweet story, and one of the first books that made us realize that Bear was really absorbing the stories we were reading to him! We read this book every day for weeks, and suddenly, out of the blue, he started pointing at the birds on every page. It was like a light flipped in his brain, and he could point to the birdies! And then, a few weeks later, he knew most of the farm animals on each page.  It’s crazy to watch them learn right in front of your eyes!

One Yellow Lion: This is Bear’s most recent favorite. He loves the fold-out pages and all the animals, and it’s great for teaching counting, colors, and vocabulary. Some of the learning-oriented books aren’t as fun for parents as they are for kids (yes, kiddo, it’s amazing, but I already knew that alligators are green), but he loves them. I couldn’t write this list without including it!

The Teddy Bears’ Picnic: This is an old book of mine that Bear has fallen in love with. (Want to know how old? It comes with a record of Bing Crosby singing the song that it’s based on.) It’s a really sweet story that Chad and I sing to him as we read it, which he loves. If you don’t know the tune, you can hear it on YouTube! Technology is crazy.

Finally, I have to round out this list with some classics! Goodnight Moon, Brown Bear, and Pat The Bunny are a few other well-loved favorites that you guys already know about, but that Bear has been really into at this age!

Whew! That’s a much longer list than his six-month update. I was a big reader as a kid, and I’m really happy that Bear seems to have inherited that from me. If you guys have any others that I should try, please let me know. I usually order a few books a month for him so he always has new stories to explore, so I’d love to hear your favorites!

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  • 1 Ashley // Sep 10, 2015 at 11:45 am

    My 11-month old daughter loves Giraffes Can’t Dance! If you haven’t checked out Love Monster by Rachel Bright you should. It’s about a not-so-cute monster who goes out looking for someone who will love him the way he is and ends up with love finding him when he least expected it. It’s a wicked cute book with a good message.

  • 2 C // Sep 10, 2015 at 6:29 pm

    Teddy Bear Picnic was a beloved book from my childhood too! I remember the recording, and the GORGEOUS pictures!

  • 3 John // Sep 15, 2015 at 12:17 am

    I enjoyed this complete post. “The Teddy Bear picnic” that’s great, I like it..!!

  • 4 Susan // Sep 19, 2015 at 12:06 pm

    Love these. A few of our favorites: Pete the Cat “I love my white shoes” is a book about a cat who keeps stepping in fruit and mud, turning his brand new white shoes all sorts of colors. The kids learn at the end “no matter what you step in, just keep walking along and singing your song. Because it’s all good.”

    A Sick Day for Amos McGee: lovely story about friendship

    Pele’s New Suit: sweet story about a Swedish boy and the importance of working for what you want.

    Tiny; the Invisible World of Microbes: so nerdy and yet the girls just adore it. The author does a great job of explaining proportion and scale, and it’s well illustrated. Wins all around (plus a healthy dose of biology)

    The Gruffalo: British classic.

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