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August 5th, 2011

The craziest thing has happened over the last few months… every time I look in a mirror, I’m shocked.  My skin is so much better than it was at the beginning of the summer — it’s smoother, softer, more luminous, looks better with and without makeup, basically everything a girl could ask for.

Because the thing is: I don’t have great skin.  At least, I feel like I don’t.  It could certainly be a lot worse, but I definitely have some sun damage, some places where I’m seeing the beginnings of wrinkles, and definitely places where my skin could be smoother and firmer.

So this summer, for the first time, I’ve been stepping up my skincare routine in a big way.  Moisturizer?  Yes (two of them, with brightening, thank you very much).  Extra special cleanser?  Yes please.  And above all, proper vitamins and a big extra dose of Omega-3s.

And without further adieu, here are my summer skincare miracle-workers:

  • Estee Lauder Idealist: If you’ve been anywhere in the last few months, you’ve probably seen this advertised.  I was lucky enough to receive a sample when it first launched, and I’ve been using it every single night since then.  I can honestly see a difference in the mornings I’ve used it the night before and when I forget!  It gets rid of unevenness, dark spots, redness, basically everything you want gone.  I’ve recommended it to so many friends already — I’m seriously obsessed.  ($58)
  • Cle de Peau Cleanser: I love this stuff so much, but it’s literally the most expensive makeup on earth.  This cleanser is $63.  And I know that’s absurd, but I bought it anyways.  I tried a sample after a Paul Labrecque event this summer, and I was hooked.  This cleanser is the makeup equivalent of crack.  But it makes my face so soft and smooth!  ($63)
  • Elure Advanced Skin Lightening Lotion: I actually got this at my dermatologist’s office, and I like it a lot.  I’ve been using it a lot this summer, but I can’t tell if it does anything for my skin that the Estee Lauder lotion doesn’t (and it’s twice the price).  On the other hand, the last skin-brightening cream that my dermatologist gave me dried my skin out so badly that I could barely even wash my face — so I appreciate that this one is much more gentle.  I think it’s only available through doctor’s offices, so check out their website for one near you. ($125)
  • Genesis Today Omega-3 Vitamins: What you put on your skin matters, but what you put in your body is just as important.  Your skin, hair and nails will show vitamin deficiencies early and obviously, and they’ll also show all the benefits of healthy fats and oils in your diet.  I eat these Omega-3 gummies a day, and they’re delicious and great for you.  Perfect for the days when you can’t get salmon or avocado into your diet!  ($10)

And my honorable mentions: Dr. Jart’s Premium Beauty Balm, a foundation/moisturizer/sunscreen with SPF 45 for the days when you’re going to be outside for longer ($39); and Cetaphil Gentle Foaming Cleanser, a drugstore staple I’ve used since I was 13 years old!  ($8)

So that’s what I do!  What are your summer skincare secrets?

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  • 1 Taylor {TheProposalEnthusiast} // Aug 5, 2011 at 8:29 am

    I might have to drop the money for the Estee Lauder Idealist if you say so. My skin just isn’t looking it’s best lately. This could do the trick!

  • 2 Ann Marie // Aug 5, 2011 at 9:34 am

    If you ever get tired of the Estee Lauder or want to mix something else into your routine on occasion, Ren’s Omega 3 Night Repair Serum is amazing (I wrote about it here:…but now you have me intrigued by the Idealist, so maybe I’ll try that too 🙂

  • 3 Emily // Aug 5, 2011 at 10:22 am

    Hi Katy!  I think I am going to have to try the Estee Lauder Idealist!  I started using Caudalie cream cleanser as opposed to a foaming cleanser (previously I used Ole Henrickson, Cetaphil, or Clarins) and am seriously hooked.  Foam cleansers can be very drying.  I alternate between a laura mercier spf day cream, and (my favorite) La Roche Posay Anthelios SPF 30 moisturizer.  I alternate between a clarins and an ole henrickson eye cream…I fear I might be in the market for an around the mouth wrinkle cream…although I am only 26 eek!  As for makeup, I use Clarins instant light complexion perfector…it’s great.  I get it in a shade darker than I am and it feels like a light moisturizer, and has VERY light (but important) coverage.  Then, thanks to your post, I use the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess bronzer and eye-shadows + Chanel mascara and I am ready to go!  If you have any suggestions for a good night-cream, or all-over preventative wrinkle cream let me know!  I have been thinking about trying Tata Harper’s line…

  • 4 Alexis // Aug 5, 2011 at 12:22 pm

    I’ve been using Cetaphil for years too!  But I totally agree, the Estee Lauder one sounds amazing.  Will definitely try it!

  • 5 Jess // Aug 5, 2011 at 3:00 pm

    I’ve been taking Omega-3 supplements forever.  They are AMAZING for your hair and and nails.

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