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July 2nd, 2014

Noodle and Boo

A few weeks before Bear arrived, a package arrived on our doorstep.  Inside was a big box of baby skincare products from Noodle & Boo — which, I soon learned, is *the* luxury skincare baby product line.  Like, if you are buying baby skincare products at Nieman Marcus and Saks, this is the line you are buying.

They were totally beautiful and I hadn’t really stocked up on baby bath stuff yet — so I figured I’d try them out.  I’m very careful about what I put on his skin, and these satisfied all my requirements: hypoallergenic, great ingredients, and seemed like a quality product. 

Bear didn’t like baths at first, so for our first two months, our bathtime ritual was more “please stop screaming, please stop screaming, please stop screaming” — not exactly a fun evening activity.  I mostly tried to get them over with as quickly as possible, and spaced them out as much as I could.  But eventually, as the weeks passed, he started to get used to it, and even sort of enjoy getting a nice warm bath.  (It doesn’t sound so bad, right?  I wish someone would give one to mom!)

So finally, one day, we had a bath that was completely without tears, and I finally thought for half a second about the products we were using.  And I realized that I really liked them!  He had never had a reaction to them, his skin had been really great (people commented on how quickly his baby acne cleared up — he only had it for a few days!), they lathered well, but rinsed off easily — all around, they’d been terrific.

And since his bath had gone so well, I decided to go a step further. 

I broke out the baby lotion.

And oh.  my.  gosh. 

I thought I liked the body wash, but the baby lotion is *amazing* in a way that basically transcends words. 

It’s so soft, and it makes his skin so smooth.  It has this incredibly delicious, very mild scent.  It literally takes your sweet, clean baby up to an eleven in adorableness.  I loved, loved, loved it.

So if you’re the type that goes for luxury baby skincare products (and, by luxury: it’s $14, so not exactly breaking the bank), please buy the lotion, because you will totally love it.  You can thank me later!

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