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April 23rd, 2015

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One of the biggest things I’ve learned in the last year is how to be more efficient at everything.  From my job to our errands to even this blog, I’m constantly looking for ways to make everything on my plate more streamlined and easier to handle. 

So I thought I’d share a few of my favorite high-efficiency spring cleaning tips with you guys, in case any of you are struggling with how to re-organize and streamline your homes this season!  From bills to laundry to taking care of our son, I’ve found a few ways to make everything go a little smoother, and I’d love for you guys to chime in with any of your own as well.

Multitask: You’ll almost never find me doing just one thing.  I’ve constantly juggling a to-do list that’s a mile long, so when I have a few extra minutes, I try to find small things I can knock off quickly.  My phone is terrific for this!  Waiting for the laundry to finish?  Order paper towels from the Amazon app.  Sitting in traffic on the way to a meeting?  Perfect time for a chat with my mom.  Instead of letting everything pile up until it’s unmanageable, I knock small items off my list every time I have a spare minute. 

Set Short, Incremental Time Limits: Over time, I’ve noticed that I’m exceptionally productive right at the end of the day.  After a while, I learned to put this habit to use, and it’s honestly changed my life.  If I need to do something, I give myself a reasonable, but small, window to do it in, and tell myself I’ll only do it for that long.  Folding laundry?  Ten minutes.  Prepping dinner?  Twenty.  I even use the timer on my phone sometimes.  I build in breaks along the way so that I’m not rushing from task to task, but setting time limits means that I don’t end up wasting an hour procrastinating about something that only takes ten minutes.  It’s a game-changer!

Thing Big: There’s a limit to the projects that you can get done in ten or twenty minutes, no matter how efficient you are.  So I also set aside time for bigger projects, every few months or so.  Things like re-organizing the pantry or researching home improvement projects that I want to put more time and thought into before tackling them.  Springtime is the perfect reminder for projects like this, and I have a few on my plate right now that I’m making some good progress on. 

All About Efficiency: Our house was built a few years ago and one of the big luxuries in a new house is that you find new, energy-efficient appliances, including our beloved washing machine and dryer.  (And, yes, I’m not exaggerating at all when I call our washing machine “beloved” — living in a walk-up apartment in New York for years without a washing machine made me learn that a washing machine is not something you ever, ever take for granted.  Oh, New York real estate.  Good times.) But even a high-efficiency machine can use a boost to save you some time, water, and money.  Tide’s HE Turbo Clean™ detergent is brand new and is the #1 recommended detergent by leading HE washer manufacturers.  Conserving energy is a big plus in our house, particularly as we start to teach our son about the importance of conserving water and natural resources. 

How does it work?  Good question.  HE Turbo Clean™ detergent saves time and water to make sure your machine is running at peak performance.  It uses quick-dissolving Smart Suds™ technology to help prevent HE Machines from running additional rinse cycles.  Skipping those additional cycles can save you up to 25 minutes and 10 gallons of water!  And the best part is that it’s faster and more efficient than the usual laundry process, leaving you with more time for everything else in your day.

What are your favorite spring cleaning tips?  To learn more about the new Tide® HE Turbo Clean™ formula, visit Tide.com/HE!

Disclosure: I partnered with Tide® to bring you this post.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  • 1 Sarah // Apr 23, 2015 at 4:51 pm

    This is actually awesomely helpful! Thank you 🙂 I’m horrible at time management so I’m going to try some of your tips!

  • 2 Katherine // Apr 23, 2015 at 9:47 pm

    I have several reactions to this post.

    First, I clicked over because Bear is so big and such an adorable little man, and I just had to look at him! I feel like he looks like Chad in this picture.

    Second, I love how you admit (imply) that talking to your mom is a to-do list item. There is no shame in that, and I don’t take it to mean that talking to her is something you’d consider a chore in any way. To-do list items can still be fun items.

    Third, Katy, this post is so YOU. We have all changed a lot in the past couple of decades, but this post conjures up the memory of staying in Ms. Raymond’s math class room during the 15-minute “snack” recess doing a power blast of math homework before our next class. I think I rarely finished but was still impressed with myself with how much I got through. I think you nearly always finished it. 1995 Katy is in this ways a lot like 2015 Katy.

    (For anyone who might be reading the comments on this, know that Katy and I were in an intense honors math class at a rigorous school and the homework in a single class was expected to take at least an hour, if not more.)

  • 3 Ann Behar // Apr 27, 2015 at 9:31 am

    Why are you doing a Tide commercial?

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