ice cream for baby b!

July 6th, 2015

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I’ve written before about our love of ice cream this summer, but this little kiddo is nothing short of obsessed!  And mom feels about the same way.  (One bite for you, one bite for me…)

It’s been really fun to be able to take Bear on little trips and outings, just the two of us!  Ice cream is a favorite, but in the past week, we’ve also done pizza and… get ready for this… sushi!  Yes, my little fourteen-month-old baby eats sushi.  I’m so proud!  (No raw fish yet… I got him an avocado roll!)

We’ve had such a blast trying out new destinations and it’s fun to watch as he explores everywhere we go!  He still gets a little nervous in new environments, but it’s really fun to watch him get comfortable trying new things and enjoying them.  Step one: sushi.  Step two: the world!

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