new york fashion week: jenny packham spring 2011

May 10th, 2011

One of my iPhone phone speakers was on its last legs this weekend, which is how I found myself sitting at the Apple store frantically emailing pictures and videos off my phone so they could reformat it and give me a new one.  And in clicking through picture after picture from New York Fashion Week, I came across this video.

So, first, a little background.  Two seasons in, I’ve realized there’s one thing cooler than going to all the shows at NYFW: Not going to all the shows at NYFW.  Sometimes it’s a little infuriating to hear everyone talk about how they were too tired or too hungover and they slept through all their shows before noon, but that ‘too cool for school’ attitude is, of course, totally rampant in fashion.

So after the first day’s excitement is over, you would be shocked at how many shows people skip.  But it can make for an occasional amazing moment — the designer isn’t going to let a show go forward with empty front row seats, which means that once you get the green light, your standing-room-only RSVP can pretty quickly become a chair next to the Editor in Chief of a major magazine.

(You know how mom always said to wear clean underwear in case you get hit by a car?  Let me tell you: ALWAYS WEAR CUTE SHOES in case you end up in the front row of a fashion show.)

So, that’s what happened to me at 9 am midway into Spring Fashion Week.  I got the ok to slip into a vacant seat and wound up inches from some of the most beautiful gowns I saw all week.

Without my camera.

See, I’d managed to wake up in time for the 9 am show, but I had not managed to grab my SLR on the way out to the subway.  So here I was, with the best view I’d have of any show all week, and no camera.  Part of me felt like crying, but I diligently whipped out my iPhone and tried to make the best of it.

And I think this video turned out kind of cute!  At the very least, it’s a fun reminder of a really fun week, and it makes me so excited for September.

Photos via NYMag

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