new york fashion week: day three

February 13th, 2011

This is what I wore to day 3 of Fashion Week!  I didn’t get a picture of what I wore on day 2 because I was ridiculously late getting out the door to my first show, but it will be in the video I post on Monday (along with a giveaway, so heads up)!

I spent most of last weekend watching Freaks and Geeks, this amazing Judd Apatow (before he was famous) series that stars James Franco, Seth Rogan, Jason Segal and a ton of other now-well-known actors when they were first starting out.  It reminds me of a funnier My So Called Life, with that same tortured adolescent boundary-testing that all teenagers go through. 

The main character in the show lives in her army jacket, and I couldn’t get it out of my mind when I was getting dressed for Fashion Week.  The bag is from the Gap and was literally $10 at Christmas, and the tank is Stella McCartney, so as always, I’m loving the mix of high and low. 

What a day!

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