nyfw snaps, round two

September 28th, 2012

Another round of NYFW photos!

So, there was a single day during New York Fashion Week where all of the following happened:

1) After waking up, I was just about to wash my face and put on makeup… when my engagement ring slipped off my finger and down the hotel sink drain. Yes, that happened. I was incredibly lucky and realized it immediately (and shut the water off) and the hotel was able to dis-assemble my entire sink to find my ring in the drain — which, obviously, didn’t stop me from bursting into hysterical tears for most of the morning, what a nightmare!

2) I dropped my camera down a FLIGHT of subways steps, and only realized that the lens was broken once I sat down in my seat for the show I was about to attend! I had 90 minutes between the end of that show and the beginning of the next one, and in that time, I had to run to one of my NYC camera supply shops and buy a new lens, just to be able to cover the rest of the week! So insane.

3) This is such a minor one in comparison, but I took a 25-minute cab ride to this event and when I got there, I realized I’d been sent the wrong address.

Basically, the universe was stacked against me that day — and finally I just gave in, ordered sushi to my hotel room, watched Bridesmaids for the 15th time, and went to bed at 10pm. I know that’s sort of lame, but some nights, that’s what you’ve got to do!

The benefit of a low-key night — all the amazing clothes I saw the day before, that day, and the day after! Let’s be serious — those are what NYFW is all about!

{above: W118 by Walter Baker}

{ivana helsinki on fashion’s night out}

{W118, a mix of colors and urban-chic}

{gorgeous dresses at ivana helsinki}

{nautica presentation — swoon}

{karlie kloss being interviewed — she’s so cute}

{beautiful details at mathieu mirano}

{fashion at its coolest at chris benz}

{south beach chic at elie tahari}

{the best show of nyfw, by some (my) accounts}

{gorgeous detail at mathieu mirano}

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