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May 18th, 2015

Mom and Bear 23.Final

Thank you guys so much for your wonderful responses to my most recent career post.  I talked about how to find mid-career motivation when you’re at a crossroads, and it all boiled down to one simple piece of advice: Find something challenging that matters. 

Since that post, I’ve gotten so many comments and emails from you guys, and they made me so, so incredibly happy.  It means so much to me when I hear from you all, and I’m thrilled to have touched on a topic that matters to so many of you. 

But as I thought about that last post, it occurred to me that in some ways, it wasn’t a career post at all. 

Because the flip side is this: Parenting is challenging too.  And it matters just as much. 

One of my hesitations in writing about my career is this: there’s a fine line between encouraging and supporting women’s careers and getting into the working-mom vs. stay-at-home-mom debate.  And that debate isn’t one that I’m particularly interested in joining.  Why?  Because they are both valid life choices.  I don’t care which one is right for you.  But I do want every woman to have the opportunity to pursue the one that she chooses.

And maybe that’s the best lesson of all.  Because finding the path that’s right for you doesn’t always mean becoming the CEO of a company, or devoting yourself entirely to your family.  It can mean both, or neither.  And realizing that the answer may be different for every single woman (every single person) out there… well, I think that’s the right place to start.

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