orange is the new red (for fall makeup!)

August 14th, 2013


You guys, I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but orange is THE new color for fall makeup!

I remember seeing peeks of orange and coral at fashion week several seasons ago, but this is the year that orange is going from weird-fashion-trend to wearable for everyone!

You all know that I get a little nervous with bold lip colors, but for some reason, this is one is a huge favorite of mine!  But if you guys are nervous about taking the plunge, I figured I’d share a few tips that I’ve picked up in experimenting with this trend!

Lips First

When it comes to orange, the easiest place to incorporate it into your beauty routine is in lipsticks!  I’m wearing Clarins Juicy Clementine in these photos, along with a gloss over it.  Where you might raise an eyebrow at, say, orange eyeliner, lipstick in bright orange just looks carefree and fun!  Generally, from easiest to hardest, I’d say: Gloss, Lipstick, Blush, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner/Mascara.  So start at the beginning of the list and work your way through!

Keep the Rest Minimal

This is true of any dramatic beauty look: you don’t want to go overboard!  If you’re playing up your lips, tone down your eyes and cheeks — you can still do a pretty, soft liner or a natural smoky eye, but don’t go for a bold shadow when you’re already playing up your lips!  You want to draw attention to a standout feature, and then have everything else be pretty backdrop.  The best way to do it?  Keep your skin smooth, healthy and radiant with a great moisturizer (I love the Protecting Light Moisturizer from Simple Skincare!) and as little product as you can get away with!

Brighter is Better

When you’re picking an orange shade, go for to bold, bright tones!  You don’t want your orange lips to be vampy — for that reason, I like to stick to oranges with pink undertones to keep the bright, youthful shade.  And as fall goes on, think about branching into coppery orange shades for eyeshadow! 


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