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Fried Egg Sandwich Recipe

Fried Egg Sandwich Recipe
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1 English muffin, split

1 egg

1 slice prosciutto

1.5 tablespoon butter

Salt and pepper


Melt half the butter in a small non-stick skillet over the lowest heat possible. Crack the egg into the pan and tilt the pan so that the egg is over to one side of the skillet. Keep the pan tilted until the whites begin to set on the bottom and the egg stays in place. Sprinkle it with salt and pepper and cover. Cook for 5 or 6 minutes, until the whites are opaque but the yolk is still quite runny. If desired, flip and cook for an additional minute for over-easy style. In the meantime, toast the English muffin halves and butter them with the remaining butter. Lay the prosciutto on both halves. Top one half of the muffin with the egg, put the halves together for a sandwich, and eat immediately.