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Peanut Butter Ice Pops Recipe

Peanut Butter Ice Pops Recipe
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For the Peanut Butter Ice Pop Base:

2 cups lowfat vanilla yogurt

1 cup milk

1 1/4 cup smooth peanut butter

1/4 cup honey


For the Berry Swirl-In Base:

1/2 cup lowfat vanilla yogurt

1/2 cup raspberry, strawberry, or blueberry preserves

1/4 cup milk


Mini chocolate chips

Sliced bananas


To prepare the Peanut Butter Ice Pop bases, combine the yogurt and milk in a blender and pulse until smooth. Use the lowest setting to continuously blend the mixture and gently add the peanut butter by the spoonful and then stream in the honey . Transfer the ice pop base to a large mixing bowl and clean the pitcher and repeat process for the Berry Swirl-In Base. To prepare the ice pop, fill each mold about 2/3 with the Peanut Butter Ice Pop Base. Gently add the Berry Swirl-In Base until the mold is almost, but not quite full. Remember that the ice pop handle’s stick will take up some of the volume, and the liquids will expand slightly during freezing. Use the tip of a spoon or butter knife to gently swirl the contents of each cavity, lightly scraping the inside walls of the mold to create a marbled or swirled effect. Freeze for at least four hours or until firm. To unmold, run outside of mold under warm water and then gently pull handle. Enjoy immediately.