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Chicken and Roasted Asparagus with Tahini Sauce

Chicken and Roasted Asparagus with Tahini Sauce
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Preheat oven to 450 F. Make sure asparagus is washed if needed, then break one piece to see where the woody stalk starts. Cut each piece off at that point and discard ends, then cut asparagus on the diagonal in two inch pieces. Trim all visible fat and tendons from chicken breast, then rub chicken on both sides with poultry seasoning. Toss asparagus with 1 tablespoon of olive oil, salt, and pepper, and arrange on roasting pan. Put asparagus into oven at the same time you start browning chicken. Heat 2 tsp. olive oil in heavy pan over medium-high heat. Add chicken, and brown about 4 minutes on first side, until nicely brown, then turn chicken and cook 2-3 minutes on second side. Put chicken on the sheet pan with the asparagus and let chicken and asparagus roast about 10 minutes longer, or until asparagus is done to your liking and the chicken has reached 165F/75 C on an instant read meat thermometer . If you don’t have a meat thermometer, the chicken should feel firm, but not hard, to the touch when you press down with your fingers. While chicken and asparagus finish roasting, whisk together the Tahini , water, lemon juice, Monkfruit Sweetener or sweetener of your choice, garlic, and soy sauce. to buzz this together. ) Start with 1/4 cup water, then check the thickness and taste to see if you want to add a bit more water. When asparagus and chicken are done, remove from oven. Let chicken rest 2-3 minutes on the cutting board, then cut crosswise into thick slices. Serve Chicken and Roasted Asparagus with Tahini with a small amount of sauce drizzled over, with extra sauce served on the side. .