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Foil-Baked Salmon with Basil Pesto and Tomatoes

Foil-Baked Salmon with Basil Pesto and Tomatoes
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2 salmon filets, about 6 oz. each

fish rub of your choice; see note

2 tsp. olive oil

about 4 tsp. basil pesto

2 or 3 medium tomatoes, sliced about 1/4 inch thick


Preheat oven to 450 F. Place a baking sheet in oven to heat while you prep the salmon. Tear two pieces of foil, big enough to wrap salmon with some overlapping. Place foil pieces one on top of the other. Put about 2 tsp. olive oil in center of top piece of foil and lay salmon on top of oil. Season salmon with Szeged Fish Rub or other seasonings of your choice. Spread each piece of salmon with about 2 tsp. basil pesto. Arrange sliced tomatoes over pesto so they cover the top of the salmon. Wrap salmon securely in foil, doubling over the seam and ends several times. Place salmon packet on heated baking sheet and cook 15 minutes. Remove from oven after 15 minutes and let sit 2-3 minutes. Then open carefully and serve immediately, while salmon and tomatoes are hot. .