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Grilled Cuban Pork Chops Mojo

Grilled Cuban Pork Chops Mojo
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4 thick boneless pork top loin chops

2 limes, cut into quarters

1/3 cup fresh-squeezed orange juice

3 T fresh squeezed lime juice

2 T vegetable oil

2 tsp. garlic puree

1/2 tsp. dried oregano

1/2 tsp. ground cumin

1 tsp. minced fresh onion

1/2 tsp. Penzey’s Pork Chop Seasoning 

1-2 bay leaves


Trim all visible fat from pork chops and pound them with a meat mallet until they are about 1/2 inch thick. Mix all marinade ingredients. Place the pork chops in single layer in Ziploc bag. add the marinade, and marinate 6-8 hours in refrigerator When you’re ready to cook, take the pork chops out of the fridge, remove from marinade, and let them come to room temperature. Spray gas or charcoal grill with nonstick grill spray, and preheat to medium-high heat Lay the pork chops on an angle and grill 4-5 minutes, or until you see nice grill marks. Rotate going the opposite way and grill 4-5 minutes more, or until you see nice criss-cross marks. Turn pork chops to the other side and cook 4-5 minutes longer, or until the pork chops are firm, but not hard, to the touch. Serve hot, with lots of fresh lime pieces to squeeze on the meat.