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Slow Cooker Thai-Inspired Butternut Squash and Peanut Vegan Soup

Slow Cooker Thai-Inspired Butternut Squash and Peanut Vegan Soup
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2 lbs. peeled and cubed butternut squash

1 cup vegetable stock

salt and fresh ground black pepper to taste

2 tsp. olive oil

1 onion, finely chopped

2 tsp. minced garlic

1 tsp. minced ginger root

1 red bell pepper, seeds removed and finely chopped

1 14 oz. can coconut milk

2 T Thai Red Curry Paste

1/2 cup natural peanut butter 

1 sweetener of your choice

2 tsp. Fish Sauce

2 T fresh-squeezed lime juice

1/3 cup finely chopped cilantro

extra chopped cilantro and chopped peanuts for serving

Sriracha Rooster Sauce for serving


Peel the butternut squash and cut into cubes if you’re starting with a whole squash.   Put the squash cubes and vegetable stock into the slow cooker, season squash generously with salt and fresh-ground black pepper, and cook on high for 2 hours, or until the squash is soft enough to mash easily. When it’s soft, use a food processor, blender, or Immersion Blender to puree the squash, being careful with the hot food. Heat the oil in a large non-stick frying pan, add onion and saute until well-browned, about 8 minutes. Add the minced garlic, minced ginger, and diced red bell pepper and saute about a minute more. Then add the coconut milk, Thai Red Curry Paste, and peanut butter and heat just until the curry paste and peanut butter is melted into the coconut milk.   Add the sweetener and fish sauce. Stir the coconut milk mixture into the pureed squash, turn slow cooker to low and cook for 1 hour more. Stir in the chopped cilantro and fresh lime juice and cook about 15 minutes more. Serve hot, garnished with more chopped cilantro and chopped peanuts if desired.   If you’d like more heat, shake in a little Sriracha Sauce. I am assuming this freezes well.   .