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Low-Carb Chicken Salad with Avocado, Radishes, and Lime

Low-Carb Chicken Salad with Avocado, Radishes, and Lime
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2 cups cooked, diced chicken

1 bunch radishes, washed, trimmed, and cut so each piece has a red edge showing

1/2 cup sliced green onion, white and green parts

2 large avocados, peeled and diced into 1 inch pieces

1 T fresh squeezed lime juice

1 1/2 T olive oil

3 T mayo

2 T fresh-squeezed lime juice

1 tsp. ground cumin

1/2 tsp. salt

1 – 2 tsp. Green Tabasco Sauce


Cut up enough cooked chicken breast to make 2 generous cups of diced cooked chicken. Whisk together olive oil, mayo, fresh squeezed or fresh-frozen lime juice, ground cumin, salt, and Green Tabasco Sauce to make the dressing. Start with 1 teaspoon of Green Tabasco Sauce and then taste to see if you’d like to use the second teaspoon. Put the chicken into a bowl, add about half the dressing, stir to coat chicken with the dressing, and let the chicken marinate while you prep other ingredients. Chop up radishes, cutting them so in halves or fourths lengthwise and then slicing so each piece has some skin on it. Slice the green onions. Stir radishes and green onions into the chicken and add the rest of the dressing, or as much as you prefer. Dice avocado into into 1 inch pieces, put in a small bowl, and toss with 1 T lime juice. Gently mix the avocado into the salad. Season the salad to taste with fresh-ground black pepper and a little more salt if desired and serve.