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Sunday Supper: Lemon Roast Chicken with Herb Potatoes Recipe

Sunday Supper: Lemon Roast Chicken with Herb Potatoes Recipe
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1 large whole chicken

8 medium cloves garlic, crushed

3 medium onions, halved

2 lemons, halved

1 1/2 pounds assorted fingerling potatoes

1/4 cup assorted chopped herbs

Olive oil

Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper


Preheat oven to 425 degrees . Rinse chicken well and pat dry, remove bag of giblets and discard or save for another use. Trim excess fat from opening of chicken cavity if necessary. Arrange halved onions in center of 9X13 inch pyrex dish to act as a base for chicken to sit on. Place chicken on top of onions. Squeeze halved lemon onto chicken body and legs, then place lemons in chicken cavity, repeat with all halved lemons. Place crushed garlic in cavity as well then tie chicken legs together with kitchen twine. Season chicken liberally with salt and cracked black pepper. Wash fingerling potatoes and slice largest fingerlings in half lengthwise. Toss potatoes with olive oil, half the chopped herbs and season with salt and pepper. Place in roasting baking dish around chicken. Roast until temperature taken in the thickest part of breast registers 150 degrees F and thighs registers at least 165 degrees F, about an hour. Remove from oven and allow chicken to rest for 15 minutes. Remove potatoes and toss with remaining chopped herbs. Carve chicken and serve immediately.