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Lemon Drop Hot Sauce Recipe

Lemon Drop Hot Sauce Recipe
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1 ounce dried lemon drop chile peppers , stems and seeds removed

1 teaspoon coriander seeds

1/4 teaspoon cumin seeds

4 cloves garlic, peeled

1 cup apple cider vinegar

1/4 cup fruity extra virgin olive oil

Honey, to taste

Salt, to taste


In a skillet over medium heat, toast chiles, coriander, and cumin until just fragrant, about 10 seconds. Remove from heat and transfer to blender along with garlic, vinegar, and olive oil. Blend until very smooth, scraping down sides of blender as needed, for 3-5 minutes. Pour hot sauce through a fine-meshed strainer into a bowl. With a rubber spatula, push sauce through strainer to separate all liquid from chunks of pepper and spices. Add honey and salt to taste, starting with about 1/4 teaspoon, then transfer to a very clean bottle or jar. Store sauce in refrigerator, where it keeps well.