February 5th, 2013


You guys may remember this dress from when I bought it in this post — but one of the problems of a really distinctive outfit is that sometimes it’s hard to wear it more than once in photos for Sugarlaws without looking like I’m repeating the same stuff over and over.

But when I thought about how to make this dress work in a different outfit (and for a very different season), this denim jacket immediately sprung to mind.  I wasn’t sure how much use I’d get out of a lined jacket in Houston, but it’s been the perfect staple this winter!  I’m a little sad to put it away as spring starts to hit — but it was almost 80 degrees here this weekend, so it’s not going to be wearable much longer! 

Only a few more weeks left of Cotton’s Road to the Runway!  There have already been almost half a million votes — it’s so awesome to see how excited everyone is about their region’s style!  This has been the most amazing project to work on, and the best is still to come!  I seriously can’t go an hour without getting giddy for our fashion show in Miami at the end of this month!  If you haven’t voted already (or if you have!), head over to their website to pick your favorites and enter to win $1440 weekly!

Alice and Olivia dress (similar), Zara denim jacket, Alexis Bittar cuff (a Christmas present from my awesome sister), gifted Rebecca Minkoff MAC bag.




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