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November 6th, 2014


I want to write a blog post right now.

Really, I do.  I have so much to tell you guys about, and I’m itching to write, write, write.


The baby is asleep.

And Chad is at a basketball game.

Which means… I have our house to myself. 

And it is quiet. 

So I really do want to write a blog post, but do you know what else I’m dying to do?

Take a long, hot shower.  Pour a cup of tea.  Watch some girly television (Mindy Project, I’m looking at you).

Sure, our house is kind of a mess.  Sure, there are some phone calls I could be returning. 

But tonight?  Tonight, I am going to put my feet up.  I’m going to snuggle on the couch with Coco and eat leftover Halloween candy for dinner.  (Sorry, not sorry; it’s true and I’m not remotely ashamed to admit it.)

And, I’m going to sign off from the computer.  But I’ll be thinking of you all, I promise!

(I’ll leave you with one last photo from our trip to Mexico, because beach-side cabanas are a prefect way to say TGIF, no?)

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