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June 10th, 2013


One season we don’t get much of in Texas: Spring.  The weather tends to jump from kinda-sorta-chilly (dead of winter) to brutally hot without much of a stepping stone in between.  On the bright side, it’s been sunny and warm since February — on the downside, July and August are going to be pretty uncomfortable. 

So I’m trying to make the most of early summer while I can!  It’s still an adjustment to remember that September and October won’t mean jackets and boots — there’s plenty of summer still to be had once August is over.  Still, for those days when it’s nice and breezy outside, that’s where I’ll be!

The lovely Australian designer Lisa Blue sent me this adorable bikini — and 25% of the profits from her line go towards protecting whales and dolphins (hence, the cute charm)!  I figured it paired perfectly with my other longtime favorite Australian designer, Samantha Wills, who made the beautiful delicate necklace I’m wearing!  And for a laid-back coverup option, this American Giant sweatshirt can’t be beat.  I’ve been living in mine — it’s structured but still comfy, perfect for a beach-to-dinner kind of day. 

Gifted Lisa Blue bikini, gifted Samantha Wills necklace, gifted American Giant sweatshirt.


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