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August 11th, 2015


I can’t believe it’s August already! This summer has absolutely flown by, and I can’t quite wrap my mind around the fact that it’s almost over. I’m wrapped up in my seasonal debate of whether to head to New York for Fashion Week — I haven’t been since B was born, and I’m really tempted to go this season. It’s so fun! But also such a long trip and really difficult to leave Bear behind, even for a few days. I can’t decide!

I have a whopping two weeks to make up my mind and exactly zero travel arrangements (or outfits!) planned, so it’s going to be a game-time decision! If I go, I’m planning to forgo the usual frantic, packed schedule, and focus on a few shows for designers I truly love, and make an effort to see friends and family while I’m in the city. Sometimes these trips get so packed that I run from event to show to after-party (ha! not really. I tend to go to bed at, like, 9 p.m. and have made it to, like, maybe two after-parties in my entire fashion blogging career) and barely have time to see my friends from the seven years I spent in NYC.

I always build in brunch with my parents, but still — if I’m going to travel halfway across the country, I want to make sure I get some facetime in with as many friends as possible.  Which means… probably this season I’ll spend a lot less time planning my outfits and a lot more time planning coffees, brunches, and museum outings with my friends and colleagues from our time in NY. Some of them have kids who I’ve never met, and it sort of breaks my heart to type those words!

One of my goals for 2015 was to streamline my life a little bit, and this is one of the ways I’m trying to do it. It’s ok if there’s one fewer street style photo of me in a fashion magazine next season (ha! I still sort of can’t believe there was ever a photo of me in a fashion magazine, so this doesn’t feel like a big concession)! Especially if it means an extra afternoon of ice cream with a good friend.

What else? Oh, I should probably tell you about my outfit, huh? It’s actually a dress I’ve had for a while, that I picked up while hosting an event with Macy’s earlier this year. The dress is from GUESS and it was insanely reasonably priced (under $100), so I had to snap it up!  I paired it with hot pink heels (obviously!) and a stack of bracelets and called it a day.  If I don’t have time to buy something new, this may well be one of my picks for NYFW in September!

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