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June 2nd, 2012

Want to know something weird?  My skin actually gets *more* dehydrated in the summer than it does in the winter!

I blame Texas.  Before I lived here, I used to say that Houston in August was the coldest place I’d ever been… because no one sets foot outside, and people max out their air-conditioners to the point where every restaurant, car, office or store is a frigid fifty five degrees.  Seriously, when we moved here in September and it was 98+ degrees most days, I’d go out for dinner in a jacket and long pants, because otherwise I’d be freezing.

And all of that artificial cooling wreaks havoc on my skin!  I find myself needing moisturizer at least twice a day during the summer — I use Simple Skincare Vital Vitamin Day Cream before putting on foundation in the morning to moisturize and protect skin all day!  I love that it has SPF 15, so I’m protected from UVA and UVB rays when I’m outdoors (I double up on protection by using a foundation with SPF as well)!  Our new house is going to be in a walkable neighborhood (a major rarity for Houston that I’m SO excited for), so I’ll be extra careful about SPF even when I’m just going a few blocks!

Other summer sensitive skincare products I’m crazy about?  I go through Evian Misting Spray way too frequently (they’re a lifesaver for a midday skin refresher), and I always have Simple Skincare Cleansing Facial Wipes around for taking off old makeup in a few seconds.  The wipes cleanse, refresh and moisturize my face during the hot summer months – so refreshing!

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