The Cake that Wasn’t…

April 15th, 2014

From Instagram: This is why you don’t let a pregnant lady go grocery shopping without a list…

So, here’s how I feel about pregnancy cravings, or basically any craving:

When you’re talking about an actual craving, whether it’s for mangoes or broccoli or cheeseburgers or birthday cake, that is your body and brain, together, deciding that you need to consume that item right now

And when that happens, I listen up.  I go out to the store and grab a green apple or a cake pop and happily consume it, enjoy it, and then let the craving pass.

Here’s what I do not do: when the craving is something unhealthy, I don’t eat a bunch of other semi-unhealthy things to try to make it go away.  If I want cake, I eat cake.  I don’t eat four bowls of low-fat ice cream thinking that what I really want is sugar.

For the last couple of decades, that method has served me pretty darn well. 

And then the last month of pregnancy came along.  And I don’t just “want cake” anymore.

I want it. Every.  Single.  Day. 

Sometimes while I’m eating cake, I actually want more cake. 

I blame Chad’s birthday for this, in part: last month, like every year, I bought him a giant supermarket birthday cake, with yellow cake and white icing, which we proceeded to eat over the course of a week or so. 

And when we finished it, he was pretty much satisfied.

I was not. 

So, after a few weeks of trying to satisfy this craving with cake pops from Starbucks and mini cupcakes from a bakery in our neighborhood… I gave in.

I went to the grocery store and bought a whole birthday cake. 

This, I figured, will do it.  If my body isn’t satisfied after a second birthday cake, this baby is just a complete glutton.

So I took it home, showed it to Chad (thrilled!  best wife ever!  birthday cake for no reason!), and we cut into it…

And I watch as his smile morphs into a horrified expression…



{slumps shoulders}

I hadn’t read the stupid label! 

Sure, I’ll eat it anyways.  But the score remains: Craving, 1.  Katy, 0.

Let’s hope this baby stays inside long enough for next week’s grocery run!

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